Studying for the PMP® exam is no doubt a big undertaking.

This section is devoted to helping you study and prepare smarter. (Go to our Providers section for information about exam preparation vendors.) Read How to Prepare Your PMP Credential Application to understand the requirements of the application and what you’ll need to correctly complete it.

Are you going at studying on your own? Kick off your study quest with Studying For the PMP Exam on Your Own; it has essential information about how to approach your exam preparation and a detailed study sequence.

Follow up that with Where to Find Free PMP Exam Prep Resources. Who doesn’t like free, right? The article covers practice tests, flash cards, terminology and study groups. We also have a list of eight books for you to consider purchasing to supplement your studies.

As you get closer to your exam date, you’ll want to study our How to Best Prepare for the PMP Exam Questions, where we give you test-taking strategies to help you better analyze the questions and provide the best answer.

But sometimes, despite your best efforts, you hit a road block: you failed the test. It may surprise you to find out that PMP exam failure is not uncommon. Read What to Do if You Fail the PMP Exam for next steps – and, yes, there are next steps!