Sometimes the hardest part with getting started on a goal is just that – getting started!

We’ve tried to take some of the “hard” out of that first step by putting in one section a lot of straightforward information to acquaint you with the world of the PMP® exam and credential.

Nothing like starting with a history lesson: read about how the PMP certification came into being, its global reputation and the rise of project management. We also have a list of FAQs – How long does  it take to get certified? What if I fail the exam? – with honest, detailed answers.

But perhaps the biggest question of all: Is the PMP Credential a Job Requirement? And that answer has a page all to itself. We go into more detail about what to expect from the credential in What PMP Certification Can and Can’t Do For You and delve into industry-specifics in Is the PMP Credential Right for Your Industry?.

No site about PMP certification would be complete without a thorough look at some of the other certifications available by both PMI and other organizations.