Project Management Jobs in Washington, D.C.


District Of Columbia Ranks:
in the US for Transportation, Storage, and Distribution Managers median annual salary
in the US for Construction Managers median annual salary
in the US for Computer and Information Systems Managers median annual salary
in the US for Natural Sciences Managers median annual salary
in the US for Industrial Production Managers median annual salary
in the US for Architectural and Engineering Managers median annual salary

Pursuing a career as a project management professional in Washington, D.C. is a capital idea. Across the board, the wages are not only competitive, but rank in the top 10 nationally. Leading the pack by far is the field of transportation, storage, and distribution management, where the average annual earnings approach $128,000, or 156% of the national median salary. Construction management professionals are a close runner-up, making almost $108,000, or 130% of the national average. The most jobs are in computer and information systems management, which pay an average wage of $140,000.

State-Level Statistics

OccupationTotal EmployedMedian Annual Salary% of US Median Annual Salary
Computer and Information Systems Managers3,340$140,260116%
Architectural and Engineering Managers1,970$133,260107%
Natural Sciences Managers950$127,380110%
Construction Managers880$107,810130%
Transportation, Storage, and Distribution Managers420$127,890156%
Industrial Production Managers50$95,740107%
Salary below nat’l. avg.      Salary above nat’l. avg.

City-Level Statistics

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Data source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2012